‚ÄčAbout Dr.Campbell


Dr. Rosalyn Denise Campbell grew up in Houston, TX where she graduated in the top of her class at North Shore High School.  She received her BA in Sociology (with honors) and Ethnic Studies from The University of Texas at Austin in 2001.  After taking a few years off, she began her studies at the University of Michigan where she earned an MSW in mental health and interpersonal practice in 2008 and a PhD in Social Work & Sociology in 2012. After  graduating from UM, she worked briefly with Dartmouth College's Psychiatric Research Center before accepting a tenure-track faculty position with the University of Georgia's School of  Social Work, which began in August 2012.    

Scholar * Researcher * Educator * Practitioner

Current Work

Dr. Campbell's research and teaching interests include racial/ethnic and gender disparities in mental health, behavioral health services, and service use among members of underserved populations.  Specifically, her research focuses on understanding the socio-cultural factors impacting the use of services among Black American men and women experiencing mental health problems, particularly depression.  Dr. Campbell is committed to the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and has published in several journals and has presented her work at numerous national and international conferences.  

Teaching and service are equally important to Dr. Campbell.  She teaches courses in advanced practice, serves as a field liaison to UGA social work students in the greater Atlanta area, and advises students at UGA and beyond on their educational and career aspirations.  You can also find her out in the UGA and Greater Atlanta communities engaged in various acts of service. 

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