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The Women's Center of Southeastern Michigan Intern Program

In 2008, Dr. Campbell evaluated the current intern program which included interviewing current interns and analyzing existing client data.  This project resulted in making improvements to intern program, including updating the intern program and Center manuals.


Theories & Practices for Community Action and Social Change (SW 305), School of Social Work, The University of Michigan

Dr. Campbell evaluated the newly designed social work course in 2009.  Dr. Campbell designed surveys and collected survey data on the establishment of the course and students' evaluation of topics and other course content.  Results were used to improve the course and make it more responsive to student and programmatic needs.

Needs Assessment

Project Description

Dr. Campbell lent her research and assessment skills to a church looking to expand its counseling ministry into a fully operating counseling center.  She designed a three-phase assessment to gain knowledge about the church's current counseling program, the mental health needs of church members, and interest in seeing the counseling program expand.  Below, you will find information about each phase of the project:

Phase I: Included conducting qualitative interviews with the four counselors of the counseling department about the mental health problems seen in the counseling staff’s clients, their own thoughts about mental health and service utilization in general, and their opinions about the church’s desire to build a counseling center. 

Phase II: Involved a focus group with the church’s lead pastor as well as other pastors and ministers identified by the church as having knowledge related to the mental health needs of church members.  The group discussed, as prompted by the principal investigator, their definitions of mental health, illness, and wellness; their perception of the mental health needs of church members; and their thoughts about the expansion of counseling services into a counseling center

Phase III: The administration of an online survey of church members around their mental health, help-seeking behaviors, service use experiences, and thoughts about existing and future counseling services with the church.  

For information on these projects or to consult with Dr. Campbell about your own research/assessment or evaluation needs, feel free to contact her.