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Research Interests

Dr. Campbell's research focuses on the mental health and service utilization of individuals from underserved groups experiencing symptoms of psychiatric disorders.  Specifically, she explores the illness and recovery experiences of Black Americans, particularly those with depression.  The goal of Dr. Campbell's research is not only to contribute to the existing scholarship on depression, help-seeking and service use among Black Americans, but also to push the field forward by taking into the account the heterogeneity of the Black American population.  By examining variations in their experiences, Dr. Campbell hopes to better understand mental illness in Black communities and design more culturally-informed and thus, -appropriate interventions aimed at improving Black Americans' mental health and wellness.

Scholar * Researcher * Educator * Practitioner


Dr. Campbell also presents on her research locally, nationally, and internationally.  She has shared her work with researchers, educators and practitioners at conferences and annual meetings put on by the Council on Social Work Education, the Society for Social Work Research, the American Psychological Association, and the American Sociological Association.

Research & Scholarship


Dr. Campbell's research has been published in various scholarly journals including Best Practices in Mental Health, Social Science & Medicine, and the Journal of Anxiety Disorders.  Her latest article entitled "The Stigma of Depression: Black American Experiences" in the  Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work is due out this summer.