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Click here for a list of some of Dr. Campbell's practice, service, and outreach activities.

Service Activities

Dr. Campbell believes in a life of service both as a social worker and as a human being.  She is engaged in various activities within the University of Georgia's School of Social Work, on the UGA campus, and in the community at large which includes sitting of committees, advising student organizations, and speaking at various events.

Scholar * Researcher * Educator * Practitioner


In addition to her duties as a faculty advisor, Dr. Campbell mentors a number of graduate students at various colleges and universities. She believes that mentoring the next generation of students and scholars is not a choice but a duty of those who have successfully navigated graduate school and the transition to tenure-track faculty positions: "we have a duty to give back, to make sure that those coming after us make it through." Dr. Campbell also takes advantage of opportunities, both locally and nationally, to speak to junior scholars, particularly advanced graduate students contemplating careers in academia. Most recently, she joined other colleagues in the School of Social Work for a workshop on interviewing at conferences for doctoral students on the job market.  She also conducted mock interviews with the same students.

Service & Outreach

Community Outreach

Dr. Campbell rarely refuses an opportunity to speak on the topic of mental health, illness, and wellness with(in) communities of color and other underserved populations.  Whether she is educating patient/client populations on mental health and services or crushing the stigma that exists against persons with mental disorders by sharing her personal story of depression and anxiety, Dr. Campbell thoroughly enjoys the chance to make the world more informed and supportive of those who struggle.  She also frequently uses twitter to share stories and other information about mental health with others.