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Taken by RD Campbell at the Harriett Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center in MD.

I am committed to social justice particularly in the areas of racism, ableism, and mental health; you will detect these themes throughout my teaching, writing, and service.  I maintain active profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook where I do a great bit of activism and advocacy in those areas.  Because of this work, I was nominated for a Thought Leadership Award in the subcategory of Outreach and Communications with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s New Connections Program (2019).  Also, colleagues and students alike have thanked me privately for my bravery and candor, crediting my engagement on such issues as “eye-opening” or a "call to action" for them. 

and upcoming events.

Below is a piece I wrote about rededicating myself to social justice efforts in Black mental health. 

To view a full-screen version of this piece or to access the full the publication, which includes statements and reflections written by other UGA School of Social Work faculty, click here.

Below is a list of select presentations I have given related to social justice.

Gender-Based Violence: A Panel & Discussion on the Unique Challenges Faced by Women of Color (with Baldwin-White, A., Gantt, L., Hope, C., Johnson, M.J., & Schuler, L.) University of Georgia. (February, 2020)

Working Towards Health Equity with Vulnerable Populations: Attending to the Physical and Mental Health of African Americans. Certificate Program on Health Disparities, University of Georgia.  (February, 2020)

Attention to Intersectionality: By Securing Rights and Justice or Our Most Marginalized, We Secure Them for All.  From Anita to Now: Increased Inequality? A teach-in & panel discussion featuring faculty and others in the School of Social Work, University of Georgia. (October, 2018)

Modern-day slavery? Race and the U.S. criminal justice system through the lens of Ava DuVernay’s documentary “13th”. Creswell Hall Diversity Presentation, (with Beadles, M.) University of Georgia.  (March, 2018)

Self-Care Practices in the Current Socio-Political Climate. Lunch and Learn sponsored by the UGA Chapter of the Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW), University of Georgia.  (January, 2018)

Black Hair Not Allowed: A Social Injustice or Not Cause for Concern (with Washington, T. R.) Session at the First Annual Social Justice Symposium, University of Georgia. (January, 2017)

Voices Unheard: The Experiences of Black Male Social Work Students (with Daniels, J. X.). International Colloquium on Black Males in Education Dublin, Ireland. (October, 2018).

Addressing the Needs of Students with Invisible Disabilities in Social Work (with Algood, C. L., Miller, C. R., Morton, L. G., Ogden, L. P.).  The Council on Social Work Education 2015 Annual Program Meeting, Denver, CO. (October, 2015)