In The Classroom

Teaching is a particularly rewarding part of Dr. Campbell's experience in academia.  When teaching in clinical social work, she has three main goals for student learning: 1) to help students see people, not disorders; 2) to help them see the contexts in which people live; and 3) to help students develop their identities as social workers.    

Dr. Campbell's currently teaches a number of direct practice courses in the School of Social Work: Assessment and Psychopathology; Advanced Practice with Individuals; Social Work Treatment with Groups; and a new course she designed entitled Clinical Practice with African American Adults, Children and Families.  Her previous teaching experience includes MSW-level courses in mental health and field instruction as well as undergraduate courses in introductory sociology and service learning. 

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Continuing Education

Dr. Campbell is also involved in educating other social workers through Continuing Education workshops.  Past workshop topics include self-care and culturally "competent" practice with African Americans.  View entries under the section labeled   "Invited - State/Nation/Global"  on the Presentations page for more details.

Teaching & Instruction

Upcoming Workshops

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If you are interested in hiring Dr. Campbell to give a continuing education workshop or would like to join her mailing list for future events, please contact her.